Where to go for Graduate School?

There are a few different ways to go about graduate school auditions, and while one can argue which is most successful or which is best, they are each viable options for how to go about the graduate school application process if you are interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree.

The first way is to apply where you have connections. I have seen this method have the highest rate of success. Most professors of voice, while of course they want to work with talented singers, also prefer to work with students that they like, and that are reliable, smart, and hardworking. Many times, a teacher or coach you know at a school may vouch for you, and if the school has a very small number of acceptances, them wanting to work with you could make the difference of you being accepted or not. Making these connections can be hard, but try to foster good relationships with everyone you work with along the way in order to create these bonds.

A second way is to apply to just a few amazing schools, such as Eastman, Oberlin, NEC, Yale, CCM, IU, and Juilliard, and hope that you are accepted to one of them, having working and auditioning as a backup plan. While this is sort of an “all or nothing” plan which ends up as nothing for many, it can be a good experience to see what schools of this caliber expect, especially if you are considering re-auditioning in the following years.

A third method is to apply to schools that have a specific teacher that you think would be good for you. This method, similar to how many potential PhD students look into schools, can bring you to some less competitive schools that still will give you that great experience with a good teacher. In the performing world, connections and talent make a world of difference, while a name of a school on a paper might get you an audition and might give a better first impression, but it won’t get you the job.

Feel free to post where you applied and got accepted to give others an idea of where they could apply!


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