Personal Branding: Making your Promo Kit

There are a few very important tools to have in your Promo Kit that you should always have ready. That being said, any company can ask for other things, but these are the few that you should have ready at all times in case someone asks, because the will!

1. A good Headshot: Especially for singers where often directors imagine specific looks and personalities for each role, having a headshot that really captures your personality while also being good quality and an attractive photo of you can really help you. When you are looking for a photographer, find someone whose photos you really love, but also that is in your price range. This balance can be difficult, but a good photo shoot can be worth it in the long run, so don’t be afraid to indulge a little.

2. A Biography: For many performance jobs, a bio will be the replacement for a resume in what they really look at to see your experience and prestige. Your bio should, at the very least, cover all of your major performances, as well as what school you graduated from or are currently at, and can also include your interests or other personal anecdotes that may interest the reader, as long as it stays professional. Do your best not to brag in your bio, especially in case others feel your compliments to yourself were undeserved. Many bios are not every exciting, so take the chance next time you are at a concert to take home a program, read the bios and notice what you like and dislike about them.

3. A CD: Some auditions, particular first round auditions, do not happen in person, and it is important to have a Demo CD with a wide variety of your repertoire ready to send along. Details and advice for recording will be in a separate post!

Of course these are not the only important items; there are also cover letters, resumes, letters of recommendation, repertoire lists, etc, but this is a good starting point!


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