Viable Career Options for Vocal Performance Graduates

Each year there are thousands of students who graduate with a degree in music performance, and it is clear that there are many more students who are graduating than there are jobs and performing opportunities singing opera at the Met or other well-known institutions. While of course that doesn’t mean these jobs are impossible to get, it’s good to have some other plans to help you get your feet off the ground, and to make sure that you are always supported financially. Below are a list of arts-related job ideas that could be a starting point or an idea for an alternative career:

  • Direct or Perform with a Paid Church Choir (or any other choir): While of course this isn’t a full-time job, it’s a great thing to add on to just about any career you choose!
  • Music Teaching: This is a very sensical path to follow after majoring in music. There are opportunities that require a teaching certificate, for example at public schools, but there are many that don’t, such as Private Studio Teaching, Teaching at a private school, college level teaching, or working at a community music school.
  • Arts Administration: Almost every arts organization requires administrators, and the required skills range heavily, but almost all of these positions would be better filled by a musician.
    • Development/Funding: This could not only be a great career, but it could also help you learn how to do these for yourself later in your career.
    • Music Journalism: If you love to write, this would be a great opportunity.
    • Music Library Work: Seeing as you already know much more about music than the next person, who would be better to help out and manage a music library than you?
    • Music Technology
    • Piano Tuning

Please feel free to comment with any other arts-related career ideas!

Of course there are also thousands of other job opportunities out there, so if singing at church satisfies your musical needs, don’t hesitate to utilize your other strengths and apply for other jobs. Do not be afraid that your college major will ruin your chance, because many people know that musicians are hardworking and smart, and they are interested in hiring you and teaching you. I suggest posting your resume and cover letter on the help page if you are having trouble getting interviews, because that can make a huge difference for many companies.


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