What should you do after you graduate undergrad?

Take a look at your priorities and try to assess what the best next step would be for you specifically. Even if all your friends are going to New York for auditions or going to graduate school for voice, it doesn’t mean that you need to go down either of those paths, but of course they are viable options. Here is a list of SOME of the ways you can spend your first few years after graduation! If you have an idea that is not on here, or would like to tell your own success story in one of these fields, please post below!

1. Graduate school for Vocal Performance: The typical next step for many students who are looking to sing classically professionally.

2. Music Education Certificate Program: This is a great buffer between Undergraduate and the next stage of your life, even if you do want to keep singing since it is a short program, and a perfect next step if you foresee teaching in your future.

3. Art Management Graduate Program: Another great way to learn while staying involved in the arts. Typically, this is not recommended for someone who does hope to pursue classical singing unless you also take lessons during this time and continue to focus on your voice, because two years of mostly listening to music instead of performing can definitely take a toll on what you’ve learned in your undergraduate years.

4. Go to a Young Artist Program: A difficult path to follow because there is very high competition at many of the good programs, but it is worth the effort if you are accepted somewhere.

5. Move to a place that has a lot of auditions (such as New York) or a place where you have a lot of connections (such at the city you went to school in, or the city you are from) and try to get gigs and other paid performances there.

6. Get a day job and work to save some money, especially if you will probably leave eventually to perform or go back to school. Remember,

7. Go to graduate school for something completely different! No one says you have to follow exactly the path you set for yourself when you are 18 years old and going to college, so this is your chance to learn another trade, and to see if it is meant for you.

I hope this gives you some ideas that you hadn’t thought of!


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