Recording a CD

Recording a CD is a very daunting task because there are so many steps and each one is so important, but it is such an important part of the life of any musician that we must discuss it. While I cannot give a full guide to how to create a CD on this page, please consider these questions when you are deciding who to record with and what to record.

1. Why are you making this CD? Is it to try to make money? (Then I suggest something else!) Is it to have a demo, or to offer as an audition CD to graduate schools and young artist programs? Is it worth making an official recording?

2. Consider what record label you might want to work with. If your goal is just to make a quality recording and not to promote your CD, I would highly suggest recording it through Carnegie Mellon University. With nice recording studios, excellent staff available for free, and generally low costs for renting space, it is definitely the ideal place to record any audition tape.

3. What repertoire do you want on the CD? Who is this for, and if the goal is to market and sell it, then what do you think will sell? What will people want to hear that is also within your possible repertoire?

I hope that these questions aid you in making a CD for yourself!


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